Submission Standards

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Submission Deadlines Spring 2015:

  • January 23 (published January 29)
  • February 13 (published February 19)
  • February 27 (published March 5)
  • March 27 (published April 2)
  • April 17 (published April 23)


  • Article: $15.00
  • Cartoon: $15.00
  • Photo Bundle (must contain six useable photos): $15.00
  • Article with less than six useable photos: $20.00

Submission Specifications:

    • 12 pt. Times New Roman font
    • Single spaced
    • Approximately 500 words
    • No paragraph indents, instead use line breaks.
    • Includes a title/headline
    • Microsoft Word or PDF file
    • On time!

Tips for Writing an Exceptional Article:

  • General guidelines:
    • Each paragraph contains ONE idea
    • Keep paragraphs short: approximately 3 sentences.
    • Write with clarity and simplicity.
    • Headlines MUST have a subject, verb, and object
    • Use the inverted pyramid
  • The Inverted Pyramid
    • LEAD: 1st paragraph: Who, What, Where, Why, When?
    • BODY: starts with the most important ideas but trails down to the least important. Must be in chronological order.
    • ENDING: concludes an article
  • News articles:
    • Must have direct quotes
    • Must contain accurate and up to date info
    • Must have a picture – contact photographer if you can’t take one
    • Objective language
  • Features:
    • Multiple quotes
    • Variety of sources
    • Diversity in subjects
    • Avoid writing with opinion (this is not a column/editorial)
  • Column/editorials:
    • Can be controversial, but must be appropriate
    • Utilize opinions and values of the writer to create a strong and effective voice
    • Do not use the column to rant, complain, or whine
    • Creative and appealing to audience of students
    • Keep in mind the paper is read by faculty, parents, and alumni as well
    • Somehow challenge the reader or promote some sort of growth/change
  • Reviews:
    • Easy to follow
    • Contains a solid well-backed opinion
    • Not solely based on emotion – must have reasons to back up like or dislike
    • Make sure to note title, author, producer, etc.
  • Graphics/comics:
    • Appropriate
    • Creative
    • Appealing
    • Clean/good craftsmanship
    • Scanned into the computer
  • Photographs:
    • Must have captions
    • Make sure to take down names and titles of any people in the picture, for example: “Jenny Jones freshman biology major” or “Dr. Clark head of English department”
  • Attribution:
    • Make sure to note where an idea or quote comes from
    • If a picture/graph is borrowed from another source, note where it came from.

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