SGA Spotlight

Joe Molnar

Student Body Vice-President

Over the past few weeks Student Government has lead many efforts to better the student’s experience at USF, including putting on a number of events and programs. SGA put on a booth before the Heartland Jazz Concert where members handed out snacks for students and patrons alike. Student government also held another successful social on October 24th where senators passed out pumpkin pie and asked students questions about what they wanted to see happen on campus.

SGA’s main financial commitments of the month were requests from student lead clubs. All student lead clubs receive $100 from Student Government each semester; they also can come to SGA on an individual basis to request funds for their club’s activities. In November, the Student Nursing Association came to us requesting funds to help them attend a national nursing conference in California. While the students still had to pay for a large part of the way, SGA was able to make the trip easier for the students to attend. While there, the president of the Student Nursing Association was asked to speak at the convention. SGA always likes being presented with these opportunities. While we do put on many events and fund numerous activities to better the experience for students at USF, we also like being able to aid students in their academic arenas.

SGA also helped fund the new Health Initiative at USF. Students and faculty in the health and science department are going to teach fitness classes that are going to be available to USF students and faculty. Classes are going to be consistent throughout the year. SGA helped make it possible for all students to go to these classes free of charge. These classes will also count towards SGA’s upcoming USF Stay Fit Program. This will be the second year that SGA has organized Stay Fit and we are planning for it to be better than ever. Stay Fit will begin sometime early in the Spring Semester and there will be information provided throughout campus in the coming weeks.

Like always if any student has a concern that they would like to raise with SGA I advise that they get in contact with a senator. Students can come to senators not only about concerns that they have but also with any ideas or events that they would like to see implemented at USF. SGA is always willing to work with students to help see their goals met.

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